Monthly Archives: September 2012

Club Pedestal

Off to Club Pedestal tonight! The UK’s Premiere Femdom night, where slaves & subs are used and abused and Domina’s are pampered to their hearts content. It’s a not to be missed, playful and friendly club. I shall have one of my sissy maids in tow, along with my trusty bag of kinky toys and a slut waiting adoringly for use when I arrive. A club for the worship of women!


Rubber Cult Review

I managed to get to Rubbercult for around nine o’clock, it had already started at eight with free champagne, still, I was surprised to find it packed when I arrived. A mass of rubber clad bodies in amazing outfits!

Shillibeers seemed like a great enviroment, a good sized bar, with stage, dressing area (with a personal rubber shiner) and the dungeon set up in the gallery. Obvious to say, I headed straight to the dungeon area as House Mistress with six big bags of medical rubber equipment, rubber bondage bags, dildos, floggers and other toys. I could watch performers like Marnie Scarlett and the fashion show by Lady Lucy Latex from the balcony, who went down a treat with the crowd, but I soon found myself doing what I love best… hard play!

I was a little concerned that the rubber fashion crowd may find what I was doing too full on, but it was’nt long before people started relaxing and plenty of pervy fun started up around me. I began in the great medical set up, incasing my slut slave in rubber, continued to restrict him with breath play and inflatables, force fed him with my precious golden nectar, pierced him then flogged and fucked his ass in the leather suspension sling with my largest strapons, and so the night went on…

It was busy until the end, great to see some familiar faces and some of the top names in fashion from the rubber world turned up. One of those was Trevor Watson, a legendary photographer known for his rubber pics in places like Skintwo magazine and his books such as ‘Cheek’ and Preaching to the Perverted.

A very successful first night! Roll on January for the next Rubbercult night…

Check hear for up and coming gallery pictures of the night.



Performance Time

Mistress ventured out to Club Rub on Saturday for their medical themed night. This was short notice, but was able to give a fun performance of catheters and needle play to my unsuspecting slut slave. Amusing to watch him being allowed a cigarette, wandering off to the smoking area with urinal leg bag swinging, trying to smoke with a sutured mouth!

It’s the first night of Rubber Cult this saturday 22nd Sept. I shall be giving another performance of the total rubber enclosure kind and overseeing events as house Mistress. So, it’s definately time to shine up and get into gummi mode for this rubber only event!

Speaking of rubber, many great things come in three’s! Mistress will also be performing at the 15th Annual national Rubber Awards on October 20th, on HMS President, Victoria embankment. Amazing shows, equally amazing prizes! Come and see Mistress perform her rubberist sinful magic.


For those darker BDSM players with a penchant for loving the edgier side of the scene, and I know that’s where I love to be! Be prepared for my full stage medical fetish performance with a strong stomach. A mix of crazy medical insanity and the clinically bizarre at Club Antichrist December 28th. It’s a way to go yet, but not to be missed, I shall post with more details as the time draws closer, along with other performance details to be confirmed…

Here’s a preview for Antichrist’s Halloween party bash, if you fancy getting into the ghoulish October fetish mayhem mood.

Electrostim & Fetish Fair

Well, slaves, subs, masochists and other kinksters, it was time for Mistress to get some Electrostim shopping done. I have to say, out of all the different types of kinky electrics I have, my favourite unit has lasted a long time considering the amount of use it has had. A great excuse to go to my closest kinky store, buy a new ErosTek and some other goodies. Obviously Mistress has made a nice list of toys and bondage gear wanted for my next visit, I’ve seen some fabulous things!

It’s a busy day today. When all is done here at my kinky control centre, I am off to The London Fetish Fair and after party. So, heels on, corset laced and out into the sunshine for some general browsing, socialising and flogging slave ass. A happy Mistress…