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Birthday wishes

A great night at TG! And a cake with toys :) I don’t ‘do’ candles!

Deviant Birthday Wishes

Yes! I’m 21 again! Always a treble bash of a festive season for me, amongst the Xmas/NYE London Fetish Fairpartying, it’s my birthday! So slaves, subs and devotee’s, it’s time to spoil your Mistress on the 30th December!

After a great day out shopping at the London Fetish Fair, the pre-birthday pervery has continued with Toppers Club, then more shopping (of course) and organising a birthday bash at TG for Domina friends and lucky slaves for the 30th. I have pure kinky decadence  on my mind!!

Mistress Olivia: AntiChrist Rehearsals

With the 28th ever closer, hours of rehearsals for my stage performance at AntiChrist have now finished. Straitjackets ready, medical equipment prepared, strange things stored in my freezer, frightening objects boxed carefully (no I can’t give anything away yet), I don’t want any spillage… yet! Talking of spillage, rehearsals have become an incredibly messy, deviant romp, on many an occasion. It has certainly brought joy to my perverse mind, setting said behaivour perfectly to time, music and necessary wicked equipment.If you want to find out what’s involved in this marvelous twisted medical performance, then don’t miss me at 12.45 am on the 28th December at AntiChrist!

“There is role-play and there is costume, but there is no pretence.”
Marc Burrows, Rebelicious Magazine

“The Future of Clubbing” 
– Bizarre Magazine

“Downright deviant and gloriously Goth”
– The Guardian

“Surely the most sinful way to spend your weekend” 
– Time Out

“Not to be missed, It’s a great night with a carnival atmosphere”


A happy kinky Christmas!

It’s plenty of Christmas spankings under the mistletoe, and My Fetish Diary is full of Yuletide spirit! They happily just seem to keep on coming…  Here are afew events where I shall be ‘making merry!’ Not forgetting some more ‘private’ Christmas parties, and those soon to be confirmed.

8th Dec: Club Subversion, A corseted xmas

9th Dec: The London Fetish Fair, Season’s beatings!

14th Dec: Toppers Club, I am guest Dungeon Mistressing

15th Dec: ClubRub, Xmas Ball, I will show you how a kinky xmas tree should look ;)

22nd Dec: The Gate: Santa’s Spankings

28th Dec: Club AntiChrist: I shall be doing a perverse crazy stage medical show!


Naughty behaivour: The Gate Club did not take long to travel to Kent, where the last Gate Club was being held, and what a marvellous evening, night and morning of pervery it was too! I owe many thank’s to Mistress Demonic and Master Keith for putting on a great party. The atmosphere was intimate, respectful and very kinky indeed!

The Gate has been around for many years, and is known to be for fetish folk with plenty of play in mind, and the night certainly delivered. It wasn’t long before and Goddess Cleo were enjoying ourselves at the expense of our slaves… and we brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘double fisting’. When I finally left, it was a shock to realise, I had been constantly playing and socialising until 10.30am the next morning. It was walking into the bright daylight after a dark dungeon experience that really brought it home… this had been a great evening, night and morning indeed!

It’s party season, and The Gate are holding their next event for Xmas, at The Flying Dutchman. It’s down in my diary, December 22nd, so don’t miss Santa’s Spanking Christmas!