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Fetish photo shoot

And about time too! I decided to take on a new photographer to do some much needed new pics for the site. Well, I’ve worked with some great photographers, Dave Hinley, Regis hertrich, Tony Watson to name a few. Perhaps I should have stuck with the ‘names’ but then, I wanted to give this particular chap a chance.

I managed to get a few great shots with the BDSM side but the medical shoot is what I’m really looking forward to. Especially with my new video site about to start up. ¬†Any excuse to get dressed up in rubber and strut my stuff (including equipment & toys) in front of the camera, tis the exhibitionist perve inside of me ;)

I have yet to pass judgement on the quality of this new chaps pics, but woe to him if they are not fabulous. As a sub, he knows what might happen if he doesn’t put a smile on my face! I may well end up using those toys on him… ony to train the mind for a fabulous fetish photo shoot result!

*And by the way, those with medical experience and are interested in filming, do get in touch!*

Dungeon Furniture

When looking for dungeon furniture, it can become a tricky yet fun activity. The cost plays a part in decision making, though usually one gets what one pays for. Safety of the submissive is an issue, I certainly don’t want anything to fall apart on me and I have certainly come across dungeon furniture makers of which it seems they have never tried out their furniture or at least put it through a good amount of testing to check practicalities of strappery, length, comfort etc. Cutting corners to make a fast buck is not an option!

Having something custom made is a great way to go. I however, have to consider the bigger picture. I am not using a piece of furniture for one particular slave or sub, it must be functional for many shapes and sizes. I am now looking for a top notch cage, but what is the point in having just that. With a little imagination it could be a fabulous multi-functional beast. The top could be used to strap someone to the top, the bars can have multi bondage links for holding my victim in different positions, what about feeding troughs, or stocks placed at one end, naughty extras inside the cage itself… the list is endless.

For me, it has to be iron or steel, long enough for my sub to sleep in, and then comes the neccessary discussion for my added extras… padding, flooring, bondage placements for other play particulars. Getting this right is the tricky bit once the right dungeon furniture maker has been decided apon. Of course the real fun is once it has been assembled in the correct area of the dungeon, there will be one lucky slave who finds themselves being the first to try it out!

A few possibilities:

very alternative furniture

photograph used: