Monthly Archives: November 2013

Kinky Halloween

I have been busy this Halloween spreading my kinky ‘hell’, it would have been marvellous to go trick or treating, dressed as I usually do (corsets, stockings, some leopard print, heels, feathers, fur, flogger in hand), scaring the neighbours. Big, bad anal fistings for the ‘tricksters’ and ‘treats’ of latex goodies, shoes and medical equipment, that would be my kind of Halloween!

However, I had the scene to turn to in my dark sadistic frame of mind, that kept me going quite nicely. Including more photoshoots and naughty filming to keep me happy.

Torture Garden held a full on two nighter! 1st and 2nd Nov at The Coronet, who needs sleep anyway when there’s twisted fun to be had?! Then it was really choices, choices, AntiChrist held a pirates v zombies affair at the Colosseum. Well, the sensible option was TG on the 2nd and AC on the 1st! The best of both worlds, and I’m still standing after it all!

What’s coming up? I have to mention Club Subversions birthday party on the 9th Nov at Protocol SW8 and of course, kinky shopping at London Alternative Market 3rd Nov and The London Fetish Fair 10th Nov! I always need more silky stocings and those marvellous electro-stim devices I must have… oh, and that leather coat.. and…and… ;-)