Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Kinky Christmas!

It’s been all go! Plenty of kinky naughtiness to get up to. I’ve loved my pressies and birthday wishes from fellow kinksters and of course my lowly slaves, maids and fetishists. No, I didn’t wait for xmas day, I like a good run up of treats before the 25th!

I shall be at AntiChrists New Year party, always something of a kinky tradtion, on the 3rd of Jan, then pop into Season’s torments at The Purple Turtle, 28th Dec, in Camden. They have an open door policy… bloomin marvelous! This is all part of ‘Sweet Torments’ London Munch, now celebrating its 15th year! I think it will turn out to be very busy indeed, and it’s local! Still wondering about going to Toppers on the 29th, that all depends on what pervy play I get up to the night before at Season’s Torments and whether I will have ‘finished’ freeing my victims in time.

One new member of my household is Henry the pug. I’m used to dealing with puppies and doggies of all shapes and sizes. It is still most amusing when telling folk I have a new dog and they respond with hardly batting an eyelid. I then explain this one is not human, it’s actually a dog… only then does the surprise hit. It seems people that know me expect the twisted ‘obvious’, this is what happens in my world of kink!  ;-)

A marvelous kinky, naughty Xmas to all, and a very pervy New Year!!