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BDSM Holidays

So, a change of scenery, throwing back my hair, kicking my shoes up, replenishing all engines, is important. Any Mistress that can only “work” when on holiday is not giving herself the time to reflect and acknowledge her true down/relax time. It can have later repercussions such as burnout. Yes, no matter how “lifestyle” we choose to be or are, we like to take time off, it’s a fine balance. I have come back after my hols and oh my!, my rejuvenation is fantastic.

I could have gone pure BDSM about it, there are many places that cater for play enthusiasts but, I didn’t. Surf, sea, scuba, sand, woodland, climbing all good stuff. I think slaves & subs sometimes think that a Mistress will only have a BDSM holiday, spoiler alert; lifestyle Mistresses also have other interests. It gives us substance, experience, can teach skills (climbing and rope work for example).

For those that want to try holidays that are BDSM (they are great fun too), there are many options. SM Airbnb, self catering cottages, cruises, hotels, even package holidays. Here are a few to consider:-