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BnBHello kinksters,

it has been some time! Yet, once into all things kinky, does it ever go away? Mistress does not think so. Mistress has decided to give this site a revamp… A Mistress/Master should grow as much as her/his submissives with play. New enjoyments, new fun, ideas, new fantasies, all that is naughty.

Mistress went away on a very ‘naughty’ holiday… ahh so nice!
Returning again with a large grin! For those whom have been to this particular place… one of the largest ‘fun’ places certainly in Europe, the Dunes are particularly interesting, so are the supermarkets ;)) …

What is happening since Mistress has been gone? Clubs seem to be more membership based. Many of the larger fetish clubs seem to have closed, there are some that have not, such as places like TG and Antichrist which attract a whole new generation enjoying a kinky night out.

There are some newer more European flavoured clubs that are membership only or just new.

Here are a few:


Need to know someone to get in or, go to their pub meets beforehand. A young crowd (not all), lots of techno and some play rooms, for newbies or more experienced. Exclusive.. ? play is what you make it. If you like to dress kinky and dance in an intimate atmosphere, that might lead somewhere, it is for you. Think it is good for newcomers, because it is a place you can dance and not play, just watch if you want.


A lot of people have heard about the history of the name. More for couples, a membership for entry. Very nice venues, don’t be put off, single women welcome, kinky play, swapping .. think you understand.. hehe…


Club obedience
Decadence: has been around for a long time. Made a return recently.
Club Domina: small intimate club, membership is strict.
Club Depravity

These are such a small amount of examples, there are a lot more including workshops and munches.

Mistress has found clubs to be more niche. For example; those that enjoy water sports, players that are trans, gay, hetro, rubber, music, light or heavy play, new or old, particular fantasies, particular fetishes, intimacy or crowded, they are more diverse, smaller clubs often cater for varying tastes.