Camden Crunching

It’s been a very full weekend! I decided to venture to The Camden Crunch for the first time. Definately a fun night out, somewhere between an ordinary Fetish Munch and a club night. There was no dungeon, but that wasn’t the point. It was a great social though yes, Mistress had a good play with a rather nice female sub that ‘Mister Grey’ a wonderful male Dom and friend had found. It was great to catch up with folk on the scene who took up most of the bar, amongst some of the vanilla peeps who had obviously wandered in for a drink and were looking on in amazement at ‘the activities’ of this rubber dressed/corseted fetish crowd, funny indeed!

On to Club Rub on the saturday night, a uniformed theme, I wore a nice military rubber number. Great to catch up and do some Domina gossip, but for the most part I was trying out a new slave girl. Sadly, I’m not too sure about this one, she has alot to do to prove herself worth my time and efforts.

All a good, fun weekend of kinky fun and games, Sunday was certainly the more relaxing day… a fair few hours of constant foot worship, bliss!