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BDSM Holidays

So, a change of scenery, throwing back my hair, kicking my shoes up, replenishing all engines, is important. Any Mistress that can only “work” when on holiday is not giving herself the time to reflect and acknowledge her true down/relax time. It can have later repercussions such as burnout. Yes, no matter how “lifestyle” we choose to be or are, we like to take time off, it’s a fine balance. I have come back after my hols and oh my!, my rejuvenation is fantastic.

I could have gone pure BDSM about it, there are many places that cater for play enthusiasts but, I didn’t. Surf, sea, scuba, sand, woodland, climbing all good stuff. I think slaves & subs sometimes think that a Mistress will only have a BDSM holiday, spoiler alert; lifestyle Mistresses also have other interests. It gives us substance, experience, can teach skills (climbing and rope work for example).

For those that want to try holidays that are BDSM (they are great fun too), there are many options. SM Airbnb, self catering cottages, cruises, hotels, even package holidays. Here are a few to consider:-


Rubber cult Again

As I was Dungeoneer along side Master Kavannagh at the last Rubber Cult, here is my review.

The costumes and latex were fabulous, though only three items of equipment in the small dungeon area. A frame, cross and whipping bench. I still had fun and had a few interested partakers of the cane and flogger.  I kept it light,which is not in my nature, though some still enjoyed the unexpected.

Enjoy dressing in latex and love looking good, this is a great club for you! Kudos to Kim and Cynth, who put a lot of time and scene logistics into it and were busy behind the scenes to make it work smoothly.

Rubber Cult Rubber Cult


How long can a trainee take chastity and it’s devices? The denial and ability to for a submissive to touch themselves taken away. A control from the Mistress to allow a sub/slave under orders, to experience an ultimate form of bondage and have their rights to release taken away. Chastity teaches patience and that a submissive or bottom must learn how to correct themselves and bad behavior, otherwise allowed to run riot. It is always an interesting test for a highly sexed sub/slave to have to hold back their basic urges, have them taken away and find out whether they can handle themselves within the set rules of their Domina with obedience. However far the chastity continues is for the Mistress to decide once they feel the lesson has been taught through denial and Bondage.


When chastity is administered, the sub is bound to the Mistress/Top who holds the keys to a small amount of freedom the sub/slave is allowed, and what a great training tool it can be!

There are a lot of training devices around. One of the most familiar is the CB range but the market has now become more and more interesting with many different sophisticated ideas as to how to go about long term chastity.

Dungeon Furniture

When looking for dungeon furniture, it can become a tricky yet fun activity. The cost plays a part in decision making, though usually one gets what one pays for. Safety of the submissive is an issue, I certainly don’t want anything to fall apart on me and I have certainly come across dungeon furniture makers of which it seems they have never tried out their furniture or at least put it through a good amount of testing to check practicalities of strappery, length, comfort etc. Cutting corners to make a fast buck is not an option!

Having something custom made is a great way to go. I however, have to consider the bigger picture. I am not using a piece of furniture for one particular slave or sub, it must be functional for many shapes and sizes. I am now looking for a top notch cage, but what is the point in having just that. With a little imagination it could be a fabulous multi-functional beast. The top could be used to strap someone to the top, the bars can have multi bondage links for holding my victim in different positions, what about feeding troughs, or stocks placed at one end, naughty extras inside the cage itself… the list is endless.

For me, it has to be iron or steel, long enough for my sub to sleep in, and then comes the neccessary discussion for my added extras… padding, flooring, bondage placements for other play particulars. Getting this right is the tricky bit once the right dungeon furniture maker has been decided apon. Of course the real fun is once it has been assembled in the correct area of the dungeon, there will be one lucky slave who finds themselves being the first to try it out!

A few possibilities:

very alternative furniture

photograph used: