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Winter BDSM

It’s cold outside, going out does not always seem like a good idea and; “bracing oneself” for an exit outside, wearing leather for the first time this year, multi layers of latex, thick fluffy materials, traffic at a stand still, tissue and runny noses (not so sexy), are all part of the equation … but thankfully, Spring is near!

For those of us with a sociable kinky persuasion, Winter is not always the best of times. However, this is what Mistress thinks is great about this time of year …

Gorgeous Winter layers of velvets, silks, lace, fur, heavier leathers and latex, more layers to peel away, more sumptuous fabrics. Coming in from the cold, a good slave that knows when to heat a fine bowl of soup, naughty taking off the layers in comfort ahh! Crackling fires, being snowed in ;) rich foods, longer play under cover of darkness, time to think about new experiences to explore, staying in to watch naughty films.

Immediate shifts in hot and cold, kinky ways to use snow, wet and dry, comfort and discomfort, the subtle changes in light and dark. How does one appreciate kinky play with heat, if one has not felt the cold!? It is a time to explore sensitivity, hard and soft, free and bound, tension and relaxation etc … a heightening of the the senses.

Winter is about rediscovering kinkiness. This is a plus! Perhaps a fantasy or kink is becoming stale or boring so; place a different slant on the “norm”, add something or take something away, think outside of, take a risk. Mistress loves our colder months, they are a perfect time to lay foundations for new fun experiences and growth.

So, Spring is in the air, the fetish scene starts to reconnect and it is time to think about kinky endeavours ahead, a further awakening of the senses.

Fetish Scene Munch

Clubs can be expensive to run, smaller groups in the Fetish Scene have started up. Munches are a way of connecting to other like minds during the day and evening in smaller more pe gatherings. The beauty of Munches is that they can be held almost anywhere. Ten or so years back, there were perhaps four Munches a month, now, it has grown to approximately twenty two. Often Munches have specific names to encourage certain types of kinksters on the Fetish Scene to go along, they are more intimate, a good place for any newcomer to start their journey onto the Scene. If you do not feel immediately welcomed, it may not be the group for you, there are many to try, go find the best one for you.

There is often a greeter to help you settle in,  Munches are supposed to be friendly, a relaxed atmosphere, any dress code, so your vanilla civvies are fine, they are places to catch up with friends, learn, have fun… sometimes a lot more fun. If you pop along to a Munch, maybe shy, ask who the person is who runs it and they will point you in the right direction. Very soon you will wonder why you were so nervous. People who meet are from every walk of life, yes, that means all walks of life, not the ‘dirty old men’  lusting over anyone walking through the door ridiculous fore thought some people have.

If it is a general public space (pub, shopping Mall), how do you know who they are? Contact the organisers first, or look for a large group, anyone that may be in a bit of rubber or leather or looks a bit unusual, perhaps wearing black but, not always. Use common sense, don’t go blurting out “are you one of the kinky group” out loud to anyone and everyone.

There is a caveat. There are quite a few munches lead by Prodommes who organise Munches to attract potential clients, these Munches are different, do not get the two confused unless you want to meet a Prodomme. To confuse matters, there are Mistresses who have started up Munches with good intentions, they are Munches to introduce yourself. A Munch MAY ask for a small fee but, it is not the norm. The Munches that ask for a small entrance fee £5.00 or less, usually ask because the Munch has become highly popular and the organisers have had to find a larger, better space to cater for the particular crowd they attract which is normal. You may have to join a Facebook page but, should not have to join anything apart from following them on social media to go to a Munch. It is common sense, like anything on the internet. Do not let this put you off, there are great Munches out there. For obvious reasons, some Munches in smaller towns prefer to be discreet.

Here are some of the Munches around:

Tap the Munch you are interested in.

The London Munch

Docklands Munch

Putney Munch

Camden Crunch

Geek Munch

Here are some area Munches that are or have been around:

East London Munch

Kilburn Munch

London Rope Munch

Fetish Scene Munches, Camden Crunch Fetish Scene Munches, Camden Crunch

W. Sussex Munch

Cardiff Munch

Find a munch **



St Leonards























South Yorkshire







There are a few others but, this gives you an idea of how well spread Munches can be and are. Some Munches started with gusto but, the organiser could not continue for whatever reason. I wish you happy journey’s and the knowledge that, wherever you are, there are kinksters near you.










2013-01-27 03.22.30As I’ve been ‘away’ for a few months, I have to mention The Gate again. A few days ago someone phoned me that enjoyed his experience there so much (I was a participant ;)), he wanted a place to have his birthday. He asked for intimate, somewhere he could really enjoy his personal fetish, with no judgement. Also, a place he could kinda ‘do what he really wanted’, in a nice friendly enviroment with lots of people, but not too many, if you get my jist. I first thought, The Gate Club. I haven’t been able to go along for a while because my new driver had certain things to tend to at the time.

He also asked about Domina Parties. Now, I couldn’t really tell him much and told him so. All I understand from those that have been, is that it is a much smaller affair, but great for those looking to ‘spend’ on an very intimate affair as such. It really depends on what someone is looking for. The Gate is a nice inbetween a club and a smaller affair, without being too much, more people, but then, if you want alot more, it’s very much there too.

I also want to mention the late Mistress Demonic, who helped to make this club what it is. Its always been more than fun, and give it a try! You will never smile sooo much! I always have ! :)

I will be at the next Gate party… mwah ha ha…


Fun On The Fetish Fringe

medical fetish Ready for his medical

Every now and then I like to be on the scene, without ‘being on the scene’. What do I mean? After a long time of ‘being around’, I like to watch what’s going on without getting too involved ‘now and then’. Sure, I’m about, but I think it’s important to do a bit of kinky gliding, I call it. If a Domme is going to stay strong for 20+ years, without getting dragged into ‘people politics’, and like any scene, there will always be that element, it’s fun to sometimes watch from a sideline. ‘Voyeur’ of a different type ;)

Now, I’m diving in again. Mwah ha ha… some new slaves and subs I seem to have acquired, plenty, plenty of play & perving along the way, of course!! Well, I’m a perve! That’s that! Will keep you updated with my next exploits!




Happy Kinky Christmas!

It’s been all go! Plenty of kinky naughtiness to get up to. I’ve loved my pressies and birthday wishes from fellow kinksters and of course my lowly slaves, maids and fetishists. No, I didn’t wait for xmas day, I like a good run up of treats before the 25th!

I shall be at AntiChrists New Year party, always something of a kinky tradtion, on the 3rd of Jan, then pop into Season’s torments at The Purple Turtle, 28th Dec, in Camden. They have an open door policy… bloomin marvelous! This is all part of ‘Sweet Torments’ London Munch, now celebrating its 15th year! I think it will turn out to be very busy indeed, and it’s local! Still wondering about going to Toppers on the 29th, that all depends on what pervy play I get up to the night before at Season’s Torments and whether I will have ‘finished’ freeing my victims in time.

One new member of my household is Henry the pug. I’m used to dealing with puppies and doggies of all shapes and sizes. It is still most amusing when telling folk I have a new dog and they respond with hardly batting an eyelid. I then explain this one is not human, it’s actually a dog… only then does the surprise hit. It seems people that know me expect the twisted ‘obvious’, this is what happens in my world of kink!  ;-)

A marvelous kinky, naughty Xmas to all, and a very pervy New Year!!


Kinky Halloween

I have been busy this Halloween spreading my kinky ‘hell’, it would have been marvellous to go trick or treating, dressed as I usually do (corsets, stockings, some leopard print, heels, feathers, fur, flogger in hand), scaring the neighbours. Big, bad anal fistings for the ‘tricksters’ and ‘treats’ of latex goodies, shoes and medical equipment, that would be my kind of Halloween!

However, I had the scene to turn to in my dark sadistic frame of mind, that kept me going quite nicely. Including more photoshoots and naughty filming to keep me happy.

Torture Garden held a full on two nighter! 1st and 2nd Nov at The Coronet, who needs sleep anyway when there’s twisted fun to be had?! Then it was really choices, choices, AntiChrist held a pirates v zombies affair at the Colosseum. Well, the sensible option was TG on the 2nd and AC on the 1st! The best of both worlds, and I’m still standing after it all!

What’s coming up? I have to mention Club Subversions birthday party on the 9th Nov at Protocol SW8 and of course, kinky shopping at London Alternative Market 3rd Nov and The London Fetish Fair 10th Nov! I always need more silky stocings and those marvellous electro-stim devices I must have… oh, and that leather coat.. and…and… ;-)

Secret Geek BDSM Mistress

How many Mistresses are secret geeks? Who knows their Linux from their Microsoft OS? C Coding from C++? I do not believe many have actually developed their own BDSM kinky software, or taken the odd computer apart because they wondered what was going on inside! Yet what a shame, with technological prowess comes power. Not only does the secret BDSM Geek Mistress no longer have to to rely on those who are unreliable… people building websites for money and my own personal annoyance, they can see through those who have learnt a bit of HTML and think they know it all (how they don’t!) it is empowering. Why don’t more Mistresses learn how to use content management systems for starters? One does not need to go down full blown programming in Python etc, even HTML is pretty easy stuff these days. If they did the Mistress may find out, FemDom Listing sights they pay to advertise with, who sadly tell them how clever and highly popular they are, is all bullshit. They will often have far more visitors to their own site than Geek BDSM Mistressthe majority of these FemDom listing sites, your usually doing them a favour by listing there not the other way around… scream!

I started taking computers apart rather early on, learnt C coding for the glory (yes, it hurt), messed around with physical transport layers, er hem.. turned LED’s on and off, yes, how embarrassing! The ‘secret geek’ side of Mistress is out! However, I hate the idea of Mistresses being scammed by shammy websites and advertising. OK, my site isn’t the ‘best’ out there, but it’s relatively easy and enjoyable to keep a handle on and I rely on nobody. Secret kinky geekery has alot of up sides.

Apart from my usually gadgetry, the latest is my Rasberry Pi … I have some very naughty ideas for this baby ;) An intelligent slave brainwave tracker and cunning administrator of discipline or pleasure, along with using neuro sensors currently on the market. I’m really going to enjoy testing this perverted gadget, and of course, building it! Ahh…  the beauty of new technology, imagination and a little knowledge.. it’s my excuse to kink it up. I know the way my mind works, is there a way I can turn these componants into pervery!?! Yes!

Mistresses! Empower yourselves! Tech yourselves up, even on a small scale. It could save you time, money and frustration, relying on the unreliable, and don’t forget, your inner geek can enhance your kinky pervery in ways you’d never thought of ;)








Fetish photo shoot

And about time too! I decided to take on a new photographer to do some much needed new pics for the site. Well, I’ve worked with some great photographers, Dave Hinley, Regis hertrich, Tony Watson to name a few. Perhaps I should have stuck with the ‘names’ but then, I wanted to give this particular chap a chance.

I managed to get a few great shots with the BDSM side but the medical shoot is what I’m really looking forward to. Especially with my new video site about to start up.  Any excuse to get dressed up in rubber and strut my stuff (including equipment & toys) in front of the camera, tis the exhibitionist perve inside of me ;)

I have yet to pass judgement on the quality of this new chaps pics, but woe to him if they are not fabulous. As a sub, he knows what might happen if he doesn’t put a smile on my face! I may well end up using those toys on him… ony to train the mind for a fabulous fetish photo shoot result!

*And by the way, those with medical experience and are interested in filming, do get in touch!*

Fetish Filming

At last it has come to the stage of opening my fantastic new Clips for sale. There are plenty of deviant, decadence to start with. Many hours of kinky footage has already been shot and so much more to come! As well as being able to watch high quality videos of myself up to all kinds of perverse behaivour, I shall be adding other Mistresses and their slaves for your kinky fetish film desires. There are all kinds of naughty deviant fantasy to be had, and you are likely to find heavier material here that is difficult to find elsewhere!

I am also currently looking for more slaves who would like to participate in filming. They must meet particular criteria, this is not a freebie! If you are interested, email me with your experience and details of availability, limitations and particular specialities, a couple of sentences is not enough!

Rubber Cult 2

Tonight I’m getting fully rubbered up for the second ever Rubber Cult! A hugely positive response after the first night, it has sold out! It will be a great social full rubber dress occasion with lots of pervery inbetween. Now… I’m off to get ready!