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Fun On The Fetish Fringe

medical fetish Ready for his medical

Every now and then I like to be on the scene, without ‘being on the scene’. What do I mean? After a long time of ‘being around’, I like to watch what’s going on without getting too involved ‘now and then’. Sure, I’m about, but I think it’s important to do a bit of kinky gliding, I call it. If a Domme is going to stay strong for 20+ years, without getting dragged into ‘people politics’, and like any scene, there will always be that element, it’s fun to sometimes watch from a sideline. ‘Voyeur’ of a different type ;)

Now, I’m diving in again. Mwah ha ha… some new slaves and subs I seem to have acquired, plenty, plenty of play & perving along the way, of course!! Well, I’m a perve! That’s that! Will keep you updated with my next exploits!




Secret Geek BDSM Mistress

How many Mistresses are secret geeks? Who knows their Linux from their Microsoft OS? C Coding from C++? I do not believe many have actually developed their own BDSM kinky software, or taken the odd computer apart because they wondered what was going on inside! Yet what a shame, with technological prowess comes power. Not only does the secret BDSM Geek Mistress no longer have to to rely on those who are unreliable… people building websites for money and my own personal annoyance, they can see through those who have learnt a bit of HTML and think they know it all (how they don’t!) it is empowering. Why don’t more Mistresses learn how to use content management systems for starters? One does not need to go down full blown programming in Python etc, even HTML is pretty easy stuff these days. If they did the Mistress may find out, FemDom Listing sights they pay to advertise with, who sadly tell them how clever and highly popular they are, is all bullshit. They will often have far more visitors to their own site than Geek BDSM Mistressthe majority of these FemDom listing sites, your usually doing them a favour by listing there not the other way around… scream!

I started taking computers apart rather early on, learnt C coding for the glory (yes, it hurt), messed around with physical transport layers, er hem.. turned LED’s on and off, yes, how embarrassing! The ‘secret geek’ side of Mistress is out! However, I hate the idea of Mistresses being scammed by shammy websites and advertising. OK, my site isn’t the ‘best’ out there, but it’s relatively easy and enjoyable to keep a handle on and I rely on nobody. Secret kinky geekery has alot of up sides.

Apart from my usually gadgetry, the latest is my Rasberry Pi … I have some very naughty ideas for this baby ;) An intelligent slave brainwave tracker and cunning administrator of discipline or pleasure, along with using neuro sensors currently on the market. I’m really going to enjoy testing this perverted gadget, and of course, building it! Ahh…  the beauty of new technology, imagination and a little knowledge.. it’s my excuse to kink it up. I know the way my mind works, is there a way I can turn these componants into pervery!?! Yes!

Mistresses! Empower yourselves! Tech yourselves up, even on a small scale. It could save you time, money and frustration, relying on the unreliable, and don’t forget, your inner geek can enhance your kinky pervery in ways you’d never thought of ;)








Fetish photo shoot

And about time too! I decided to take on a new photographer to do some much needed new pics for the site. Well, I’ve worked with some great photographers, Dave Hinley, Regis hertrich, Tony Watson to name a few. Perhaps I should have stuck with the ‘names’ but then, I wanted to give this particular chap a chance.

I managed to get a few great shots with the BDSM side but the medical shoot is what I’m really looking forward to. Especially with my new video site about to start up.  Any excuse to get dressed up in rubber and strut my stuff (including equipment & toys) in front of the camera, tis the exhibitionist perve inside of me ;)

I have yet to pass judgement on the quality of this new chaps pics, but woe to him if they are not fabulous. As a sub, he knows what might happen if he doesn’t put a smile on my face! I may well end up using those toys on him… ony to train the mind for a fabulous fetish photo shoot result!

*And by the way, those with medical experience and are interested in filming, do get in touch!*

Dungeon Rental & Kinky Plans

It’s been a busy January with plenty to do. Mistress has had a great time at some of My usual fetish clubs and fairs, but there’s plenty to come!

I shall be enjoying Club Toppers on the 8th Feb followed by Subversion‘s Violent Valentines 9th Feb. This month I’m off to Club Pedestal on the 25th Jan and one fun ‘winter warmer’ at The Gate 26th Jan!

Some great photos have also come out of My Anti-Christ performance in December and there are afew more stage antics up my sleeve.

It has also been time to make extra sure everything is in tip top working order for my Dungeon Rental site. It’s true, I shall soon be renting my superb facilities to Dommes, couples and fellow kinksters. Watch this space for more news about the new dungeon rental site and all there is to offer. What better to have a medical specialist on hand, should you wish to further the edgier side of your play …

A Happy Medical New Year

A Happy New Year to all my fellow perves! Here’s to a marvellous, deviant 2013!

I’ve had a great build up to the end of the year. My AntiChrist performance ‘Mistress Olivia’s Medical Vomitorium’ couldn’t have gone any better! My mental asylum patients endured catheterisation, forced feeding with piss, 8 gauge flesh hooks, vomit, strangulation with intestines, fisting…. well, let’s just say plenty of twisted behaivour! The audience feed back was fabulous…..

“Completely mesmerised”

“You are inspirational, amazing to see something so new on stage ”

“People couldn’t watch in certain places”

“Deeply intense”

“I can see how much you really love what you do… so sick!”

“What a mind fuck!”

From the moment my slaves had to attach one of my gynaecological benches to the roof rack of my drivers car (see photo), to the time my head finally hit the pillow, I enjoyed every moment! There will be plenty of performance piccies to come.

My birthday concluded with a great night at Torture Garden as I danced, pierced and flogged the night away, followed by seeing the New Year in with some of my slaves the next day.

Plans are afoot for filming and more naughty behaivour 2013, so watch this space!


Birthday wishes

A great night at TG! And a cake with toys :) I don’t ‘do’ candles!

Deviant Birthday Wishes

Yes! I’m 21 again! Always a treble bash of a festive season for me, amongst the Xmas/NYE London Fetish Fairpartying, it’s my birthday! So slaves, subs and devotee’s, it’s time to spoil your Mistress on the 30th December!

After a great day out shopping at the London Fetish Fair, the pre-birthday pervery has continued with Toppers Club, then more shopping (of course) and organising a birthday bash at TG for Domina friends and lucky slaves for the 30th. I have pure kinky decadence  on my mind!!

Naughty behaivour: The Gate Club did not take long to travel to Kent, where the last Gate Club was being held, and what a marvellous evening, night and morning of pervery it was too! I owe many thank’s to Mistress Demonic and Master Keith for putting on a great party. The atmosphere was intimate, respectful and very kinky indeed!

The Gate has been around for many years, and is known to be for fetish folk with plenty of play in mind, and the night certainly delivered. It wasn’t long before and Goddess Cleo were enjoying ourselves at the expense of our slaves… and we brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘double fisting’. When I finally left, it was a shock to realise, I had been constantly playing and socialising until 10.30am the next morning. It was walking into the bright daylight after a dark dungeon experience that really brought it home… this had been a great evening, night and morning indeed!

It’s party season, and The Gate are holding their next event for Xmas, at The Flying Dutchman. It’s down in my diary, December 22nd, so don’t miss Santa’s Spanking Christmas!

Toppers Club London

I have been invited to become a House Domme at Toppers. An event held at Stunners every second Friday of the month.

This a club where anything and goes! It’s run by Miss Gloria Vicious a T-Girl Domme, as well as being a great place to really get into your play, there is a good cross over for all those boys out there who like to be girls.

I will also be bringing lots of toys and my medical travelling bags of goodies, so no excuses not to come along and play with Mistress!