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Winter BDSM

It’s cold outside, going out does not always seem like a good idea and; “bracing oneself” for an exit outside, wearing leather for the first time this year, multi layers of latex, thick fluffy materials, traffic at a stand still, tissue and runny noses (not so sexy), are all part of the equation … but thankfully, Spring is near!

For those of us with a sociable kinky persuasion, Winter is not always the best of times. However, this is what Mistress thinks is great about this time of year …

Gorgeous Winter layers of velvets, silks, lace, fur, heavier leathers and latex, more layers to peel away, more sumptuous fabrics. Coming in from the cold, a good slave that knows when to heat a fine bowl of soup, naughty taking off the layers in comfort ahh! Crackling fires, being snowed in ;) rich foods, longer play under cover of darkness, time to think about new experiences to explore, staying in to watch naughty films.

Immediate shifts in hot and cold, kinky ways to use snow, wet and dry, comfort and discomfort, the subtle changes in light and dark. How does one appreciate kinky play with heat, if one has not felt the cold!? It is a time to explore sensitivity, hard and soft, free and bound, tension and relaxation etc … a heightening of the the senses.

Winter is about rediscovering kinkiness. This is a plus! Perhaps a fantasy or kink is becoming stale or boring so; place a different slant on the “norm”, add something or take something away, think outside of, take a risk. Mistress loves our colder months, they are a perfect time to lay foundations for new fun experiences and growth.

So, Spring is in the air, the fetish scene starts to reconnect and it is time to think about kinky endeavours ahead, a further awakening of the senses.

London Fetish Fair: performance

I am at The London Fetish Fair doing a fabulous exotic, erotic, fetishistic performance on the 10th March at the after party. So once you have finished buying your kinky goodies, watch me strut my tribal fusion belly dance, slave in tow. Sit back, relax, socialise, enjoy the kinky laid back atmosphere and come see me on the sunday.

I will be fusing erotic, powerful dance with fetish, fantasy and slavery, something I love to do! Find out more about my fetish performing here.

A happy kinky Christmas!

It’s plenty of Christmas spankings under the mistletoe, and My Fetish Diary is full of Yuletide spirit! They happily just seem to keep on coming…  Here are afew events where I shall be ‘making merry!’ Not forgetting some more ‘private’ Christmas parties, and those soon to be confirmed.

8th Dec: Club Subversion, A corseted xmas

9th Dec: The London Fetish Fair, Season’s beatings!

14th Dec: Toppers Club, I am guest Dungeon Mistressing

15th Dec: ClubRub, Xmas Ball, I will show you how a kinky xmas tree should look ;)

22nd Dec: The Gate: Santa’s Spankings

28th Dec: Club AntiChrist: I shall be doing a perverse crazy stage medical show!


Rubber Cult Review

I managed to get to Rubbercult for around nine o’clock, it had already started at eight with free champagne, still, I was surprised to find it packed when I arrived. A mass of rubber clad bodies in amazing outfits!

Shillibeers seemed like a great enviroment, a good sized bar, with stage, dressing area (with a personal rubber shiner) and the dungeon set up in the gallery. Obvious to say, I headed straight to the dungeon area as House Mistress with six big bags of medical rubber equipment, rubber bondage bags, dildos, floggers and other toys. I could watch performers like Marnie Scarlett and the fashion show by Lady Lucy Latex from the balcony, who went down a treat with the crowd, but I soon found myself doing what I love best… hard play!

I was a little concerned that the rubber fashion crowd may find what I was doing too full on, but it was’nt long before people started relaxing and plenty of pervy fun started up around me. I began in the great medical set up, incasing my slut slave in rubber, continued to restrict him with breath play and inflatables, force fed him with my precious golden nectar, pierced him then flogged and fucked his ass in the leather suspension sling with my largest strapons, and so the night went on…

It was busy until the end, great to see some familiar faces and some of the top names in fashion from the rubber world turned up. One of those was Trevor Watson, a legendary photographer known for his rubber pics in places like Skintwo magazine and his books such as ‘Cheek’ and Preaching to the Perverted.

A very successful first night! Roll on January for the next Rubbercult night…

Check hear for up and coming gallery pictures of the night.



Performance Time

Mistress ventured out to Club Rub on Saturday for their medical themed night. This was short notice, but was able to give a fun performance of catheters and needle play to my unsuspecting slut slave. Amusing to watch him being allowed a cigarette, wandering off to the smoking area with urinal leg bag swinging, trying to smoke with a sutured mouth!

It’s the first night of Rubber Cult this saturday 22nd Sept. I shall be giving another performance of the total rubber enclosure kind and overseeing events as house Mistress. So, it’s definately time to shine up and get into gummi mode for this rubber only event!

Speaking of rubber, many great things come in three’s! Mistress will also be performing at the 15th Annual national Rubber Awards on October 20th, on HMS President, Victoria embankment. Amazing shows, equally amazing prizes! Come and see Mistress perform her rubberist sinful magic.


For those darker BDSM players with a penchant for loving the edgier side of the scene, and I know that’s where I love to be! Be prepared for my full stage medical fetish performance with a strong stomach. A mix of crazy medical insanity and the clinically bizarre at Club Antichrist December 28th. It’s a way to go yet, but not to be missed, I shall post with more details as the time draws closer, along with other performance details to be confirmed…

Here’s a preview for Antichrist’s Halloween party bash, if you fancy getting into the ghoulish October fetish mayhem mood.

Electrostim & Fetish Fair

Well, slaves, subs, masochists and other kinksters, it was time for Mistress to get some Electrostim shopping done. I have to say, out of all the different types of kinky electrics I have, my favourite unit has lasted a long time considering the amount of use it has had. A great excuse to go to my closest kinky store, buy a new ErosTek and some other goodies. Obviously Mistress has made a nice list of toys and bondage gear wanted for my next visit, I’ve seen some fabulous things!

It’s a busy day today. When all is done here at my kinky control centre, I am off to The London Fetish Fair and after party. So, heels on, corset laced and out into the sunshine for some general browsing, socialising and flogging slave ass. A happy Mistress…

Fetish at The Flying Dutchman

Well, it seems quite alot has being going on at The Flying Dutchman, for some, it’s become somewhat of a second home in the world of London fetish clubbing and events, for a very active first year!

It’s become the new home for The Gate Club, this Saturday, for their summer ball.

A photo exhibition is set to take place on Aug 31st for 3 days, looking back at at the great times over the years with ‘TG Exposed’, sounds like it’s going to be a fascinating trip back in time. Featuring phototgraphers: Mark Bennett, Ben Hopper, DivasAndTears, Regis Hertrich, Daffydd Owen, and Manolo Remiddi.

On the 7th of September we have Bound, a rope bondage spectacular by Bruce Esinem, Nina Russ and of course Antonio Fdl Stein.

It’s The Flying Dutchman’s first birthday party too on Sept 14th, invites only! Yes, Mistress will be attending.

Slave Tranny Louise: short BDSM poetry

Little boy do not be shy

little boy oh please don’t cry

life has not gone quite as to plan

you tried to be a big tough man

running with a rugged crowd

drinking whisky,  acting wild

you my boy, remain a child

tormented by your desire

oh you are but such a liar

for the feelings deep inside, they are here to stay!

and you cannot suppress the need to wear the pretty dress,

high heeled shoes and makeup too, and do the things that womyn do,

time to grow up little boy

time for you to know some joy

wipe away those tears

time to face up to your fears

dispense with silly macho pride

and embrace your female side

go to Mistress, yes you must

place in her your total trust

let her lead you by the hand

let her feminise the man

little boy dont be afraid

for you will make a lovely maid

Fetish Scene News

Yes, there is a new fetish club for rubber lovers! It’s opening, the 22nd of September, it’s name, RubberCult, in London. They recently blessed the opening of a night at Club Antichrist with hot wax and scenes of flagellation, it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun for rubberists, and the venues perfect for a first event, and very close to Mistress! Another big event to watch out for is the impending Alternative Festival, run by Antichrist which is set to be the biggest fetish and alternative event in Europe. Get involved, I know I will! I shall keep you posted with Alt-Fest news to come!

A short break

Having just returned from a short break, it’s good to be back! I found myself checking out the wetsuits… feeling the fetish rubber withdrawals setting in, it was the next best thing. Being away for only a short space of time, it’s surprising how much I have had to catch up on.

Tomorrow night is the Torture Garden Summer Ball at the Brixton ClubHouse. If people haven’t bought their tickets already, it’s sold out! TG had to move from their old venue at Mass, which is now closing down, but it’s still sure to be a good night at the new one.

Mistress will hopefully be attending LAM this weekend for some chilled out fetish toy browsing, I want to get some new electrical additions! If not it will be LFF next Sunday, as things are very busy with the site, photoshoots and a medical restock.

For the beginning of the August, the social diary is filling up with kinky events to the end of the month, blogging a’plenty to come!