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Site update and Club Rub

It’s been a busy week! I decided to start my BDSM Info Portal  page on the what, how, where and when of BDSM,  sharing my passion, knowledge and various other information I find about the scene. What was an idea, is now developing into a very interesting reality, not forgeting, fun to do too.  

You can now also follow me on Facebook as well as Twitter…  enjoy!

Well, Mistress is about to put on her finest and join the Club Rub crowd tonight for their ‘gender bending  nite’,  great for any rubber lovers. Wearing corsetry and other fetish wear is something I do all the time, so I like to be ultra creative when I go out. I hear alot of people are going to be there… should make for an interesting night!

An exciting welcome

After much focus, attention and work behind the scenes, how can I not mention my site in this first blog! An evolving portal of pervery! I endeavour to bring news, reviews, interests, rants and raves on the many general and more specialised aspects of BDSM and fetish ongoing in the community, and importantly, my own deviant activities.


I have a full calender and a busy time ahead, vacancies for particular roles, duties and help shall also be posted on my blog amongst other places. Be sure to read them carefully before contacting me! My requirements are very specific for a reason.


The website is currently still embracing its new facelift, and continuously so. There are more galleries to add, information to include, tweeks to be made… As well as staying current with kinky pursuits, club visits and general misbehaivour in my blog, don’t forget to follow me on twitter! #MistressOliviaO


Or just press the twitter link at the bottom of my homepage. Enjoy!