Household slaves maids and submissives

Oh dear,

There are many Dominants that have, on occasion, had someone interested in a ‘household position’. Alot of applicants have missed the memo. A household or domestic position and applying for one, is not unlike any other job. The applicant must show they are able to clean, organise, perhaps fix and mend, be sociable, have necessary skills, with reliability and trust, because they reaĺly want the position.

This kind of work should have an innate feeling of respect, wanting to please a Dominant with the best skills, in an understanding  environment. There must be a mutual understanding of one’s role, similar to the valet’s, housekeepers, maids and Butlers of yesteryear. There can be perks to this kind of obeyance, but, this should not be an automatic expectation.

Trust is very important, it is not built in a few hours, a day, or other, it takes its own time. The ‘employer’ needs to know if someone in a serving position will fit well and comfortably into her/his life and not make more work for them. There will usually be training involved, this can take up a lot of time. If someone is not right, or omitted important information about themselves, this process can be a massive waste of time.


On application into servitude, the applicant must be respectful, give experience, say why they are trustworthy and why they will be good at particular household work. Tell a Dom/me what skills they have, be ready to answer any questions.

Wrong: comments for a new household position:

I worked for someone licking their toilet.

I used to clean their panties.

I can wash and clean you when you want a bath or shower.

I have always used hot water and a mop  on wooden floorboards (without knowledge of different woods).

I think I’m alright at washing dishes.

Use me in your playtime, for anything.

I can only be around Wednesdays from 11am-2pm, every other week, you cannot contact me.

I will do “abc” for your home and “oh, by the way, I like defg”. If you are not into a household position unless there is a caveat, I like to have “abc” done to me…

Just say “I don’t like servitude unless there is playtime attached”.  Be honest and you might be pleasantly surprised what comes your way.

An applicant will do well if they treat the situation like applying for any vanilla work. Of course, the questions might be different, along with the work and possible perks, but, the premise is the same, possibly tougher. After all, an applicant is entering somebodies home that could overlap into the employers personal space.

Servitude Servitude


Be reliable.


Want to be in servitude.

Have skills that stand out above the rest.

Enjoy making the Dom/me happy.

Dress well, show a potential employer/Dom/me that you take care of yourself.

Be focused on your employer, not yourself during work hours.

Think ahead about the God/dess, Top, Dom/me and their possible future needs.

If you cold call, you have to have a good reason why and an even better way to show you are a worthy applicant.

A Dominant is allowing the “particular” into their homes, and is probably rather busy and may not have time to forever watch over someone who might do a bad job just for attention, or just a bad job.  There is a plethora of submissive’s,  slaves and the like, who think they will have automatic play time because of good or bad work and, are not honest from the beginning. Enter new servitude with a good heart.


Do you know what kind of position you are looking for in a household? It is good to have some sort of idea. If you are uncertain, experimentation is a wonderful part of fetish and BDSM, so tell a prospective Dom/me about your situation. A Dom/me may want somebody to help for a short time, it is also you that knows what kind of “houehold” placement is right.