My medical background enables me to perform all kinds of clinical fetish, fantasy and procedure. This BDSM speciality is a vast subject and can evolve as far as ones imagination, skill, safety and knowledge will allow. Medical, clinical and surgical practice is a wonderfully adept way of managing complete control over physical and mental functions to the degree of my choosing.

My patient rendered entirely helpless, reliant only upon nurse, doctor, surgeon, clinician…
The smells, sights and sounds, the scrubs, tubes, dressings and premeds, or frightening shiny equipment for internal investigative and corrective procedures, from clinic, ward, theatre or asylum, your medic knows best!

Whether you seek that sadistic or reassuring nurse, a skilled surgeon, or the confines of an institution, endless fantasies await realisation.

My clinical facilities and equipment have been cleverly sourced over the years to maintain best practice and continuity of care. My pure appetite and enjoyment of the medical arena, its fetish, fantasy and reality, both historical and current ensures my imagination is constantly fed.

You may need heavy critical care or arrive for your first appointment, I will determine the degree of treatment and kind of medical attention you need.

From exacting NHS techniques to the bizarre, the fetishistic and the kinky or taboo, you’ll find it here.