Mistress Olivia

Welcome to my beautiful North London dungeon, offering a tantalising array of BDSM, fetish and fantasy, in discreet, unique, elegant surroundings. A secret seductive haven where kinks and desires are transformed into reality… let the world outside just melt away!

I am an intelligent imaginative lifestyle Domina with many years experience as a BDSM artiste. Having always enjoyed a dominant, kinky nature, my lifestyle as a Mistress has been a natural development from an early age. There are very few areas of play I have not experienced at one time or another, and I always find things to interest or challenge me, this is the beauty of BDSM.

I am a medical specialist with a medical background. This opens up a great many possibilities, practiced in the safe clean environment of my well equipped clinic and/or in the dungeon. Medical Fetish is a speciality of which I am particularly known, along with the heavier, darker, edgier kinds of BDSM dungeon play. Experience skilled clinical control and the manipulation of mental and bodily functions. Whether you wish to be prepped and ready for surgery, treatment or internal investigative examination. Or perhaps flogged and caned, used with a strapon, humiliated, suspended and/or trained as a slave or maid, there are many areas of play I enjoy both in the dungeon and clinic. Mistress or Medic, social taboos can be broken, expectations and experience broadened, your mind opened up to the deepest pleasures beyond.

I love the chemistry and dynamics between myself and the individuals I see. From psychological to physical, everyone is unique, and no one session can ever be the same. My experience allows me to use intuition, imagination and skill to gain trust, explore boundaries, command, torment or seduce. I customise my sessions to suit the individual, communication is therefore of utmost importance, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned submissive.

Long term sessions allow chemistry to grow. Greater adventurous exploration into the kinky unknown can then develop over time, and deeper experiences realised.

I have been an active performer and player on the fetish scene for years, both in the UK and abroad. Bringing medical performance in the mid 90’s to clubs like Torture Garden, I then continued on as an agent provocateur engaging my audiences with many other BDSM alternative performances in a wide range of fetish and underground clubs. I have also been cited in fetish and alternative magazines, acted as a dungeon consultant, and enjoyed the training of Dommes, filming and photoshoots.


Double Domme:

Sessions are available with myself and another fabulous Mistress, for all those who wish to experience what it feels like to fall into the hands of two Dominatrix at once! This is an unforgettable experience, not to be missed!


Sessions and Etiquette:

Both newcomer and the experienced are welcome.

Try to give at least 24 hours notice to secure a session, though it MAY be possible to book a same day appointment.

  • Have an idea of your interests when you phone, alternatively you can email this information with your enquiry.
  • Mistress has the use of female and male submissives in her sessions. Ask for further details.
  • I do not allow sex or intimate body worship, do not ask!
  • Phone respectfully, I do not tolerate rudeness.


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Twitter: #MistressOliviaO

Facebook: Mistressolivia Bizarre

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