Performance Time

Mistress ventured out to Club Rub on Saturday for their medical themed night. This was short notice, but was able to give a fun performance of catheters and needle play to my unsuspecting slut slave. Amusing to watch him being allowed a cigarette, wandering off to the smoking area with urinal leg bag swinging, trying to smoke with a sutured mouth!

It’s the first night of Rubber Cult this saturday 22nd Sept. I shall be giving another performance of the total rubber enclosure kind and overseeing events as house Mistress. So, it’s definately time to shine up and get into gummi mode for this rubber only event!

Speaking of rubber, many great things come in three’s! Mistress will also be performing at the 15th Annual national Rubber Awards on October 20th, on HMS President, Victoria embankment. Amazing shows, equally amazing prizes! Come and see Mistress perform her rubberist sinful magic.


For those darker BDSM players with a penchant for loving the edgier side of the scene, and I know that’s where I love to be! Be prepared for my full stage medical fetish performance with a strong stomach. A mix of crazy medical insanity and the clinically bizarre at Club Antichrist December 28th. It’s a way to go yet, but not to be missed, I shall post with more details as the time draws closer, along with other performance details to be confirmed…

Here’s a preview for Antichrist’s Halloween party bash, if you fancy getting into the ghoulish October fetish mayhem mood.