2013-01-27 03.22.30As I’ve been ‘away’ for a few months, I have to mention The Gate again. A few days ago someone phoned me that enjoyed his experience there so much (I was a participant ;)), he wanted a place to have his birthday. He asked for intimate, somewhere he could really enjoy his personal fetish, with no judgement. Also, a place he could kinda ‘do what he really wanted’, in a nice friendly enviroment with lots of people, but not too many, if you get my jist. I first thought, The Gate Club. I haven’t been able to go along for a while because my new driver had certain things to tend to at the time.

He also asked about Domina Parties. Now, I couldn’t really tell him much and told him so. All I understand from those that have been, is that it is a much smaller affair, but great for those looking to ‘spend’ on an very intimate affair as such. It really depends on what someone is looking for. The Gate is a nice inbetween a club and a smaller affair, without being too much, more people, but then, if you want alot more, it’s very much there too.

I also want to mention the late Mistress Demonic, who helped to make this club what it is. Its always been more than fun, and give it a try! You will never smile sooo much! I always have ! :)

I will be at the next Gate party… mwah ha ha…